Do you know your “why?”


The definition of “why” is “the reason, cause, or purpose for which”…


What caused you to challenge yourself? What was the reason? What was the purpose for which you started pushing yourself to be better?


Think about your goals. Think about what you have challenged yourself to do. Think about where you were when you decided to challenge yourself. Then ask yourself why you decided to do that.


Maybe your “why” is your kids. Maybe it’s a job opportunity. Maybe it’s a spouse or partner. Maybe you had a health scare, or someone you loved did. Something was powerful enough to make you challenge yourself to improve.


Take time to think about your “why.” Write it down and put it somewhere you can look at first thing in the morning every day. Don’t just glance at it. Think about it. Your “why” was powerful enough to get you started, it’s powerful enough to help you see it through. Let yourself feel the way you feel about your “why.” Let those feelings drive you to succeed.


“HowieDoinIt” starts with “WhyWeDoinIt’ it.”


If you’re struggling to get started, that probably means you need to find your “why.” Finding your “why” is the first step. Start looking inward to discover your “why”.


Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Why?
  2. Why not?
  3. Why not me?
  4. Why not now?


There’s no stopping you once you have a good “why” in mind. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.


Are you trying to learn how to cook, or trying to cook healthier meals for yourself and for your family? No stopping you so long as you know why and are keeping the reason in your thoughts. Trying to get yourself to the gym more but haven’t got around to it yet?? Get into better shape? Why? Why have you not been going to the gym? What’s stopping you from going? Why aren’t you going to the gym now?


“The reason, cause, or purpose for which”… Your “why” is already in your mind. The second you decided that you wanted to challenge yourself, you had a reason, you had a cause, you had a purpose. All you have to do is discover it. Once you got that down, you’ll be ready to take on anything that comes your way.

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