As I prepare for the incoming of Hurricane Dorian, I can’t help but reflect on the other storms in life we must weather and therefore, should prepare for. It got me thinking… How does one prepare for life’s hurricanes without stumbling down the path of worry?

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.”

How do you weather a storm? Are you prepared for life’s “hurricanes”?

I think it t is important that we, first of all, learn to be GRATEFUL for the storm. Without rain, nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storm, because the storm helps with your transformation.

Allow the ANTICIPATION to excite you, instead of sending you down a path of worry. “It is better to afraid, excited, and thinking the best, than to be scared, worried, and expecting the worst.”

Hopefully, this message helps you reflect on how prepared you are for “weathering the storm”. Life will never be perfect, but there is certainly no reason not to enjoy it anyway.

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