Today we are going to talk about discipline.  It’s not just about discipline in your exercise or your diet, it’s about having discipline in every little thing that you do.  

Success is the result of the little things we do over and over all the time.  

You’ve got to have the commitment to establish, tweak and repeat positive habits all the time.  You can’t just do them once. You’ve got to do them day in and day out.

We are taught to chase what’s hot, what’s flashy, what’s sexy and to ignore the basics.  However, the basics are what discipline is all about.

In today’s video, you will hear me talk about getting back to the basics in order to establish more discipline in your life. My friend Allen Stein in his book talks about the basics and tells a story about Kobe Bryant. Listen to the video for a story from a famous athlete who knows about the basics.  

It’s like we spoke about a few days ago when we talked about boulders.  We all have a boulder in our life that we want to move. In order to move that boulder, we must remain disciplined.  What boulder are you working on in your life?

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