Today’s word of the day is Comeback.  Last week was really a great week. We had words like Yes, Impatience, and Extraordinary.  

Here’s today’s quote, “The comeback is always stronger than the setback. Every setback is a setup for a comeback.”  

Also, “Keep putting out good.  It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.”  

Don’t ever let any setback keep you from making an incredible comeback.  After all, you are going to have setbacks in life. The paths in your life are hardly ever straight.  There will be twists and turns on your path.  

When those setbacks come and knock you down, all they do is make for a better story on your comeback.

When you look at sports, they are made up of incredible comeback stories. I’ve also witnessed some unbelievable comebacks in gambling.  Not just myself but watching others gamble as a spectator.  

Now let’s talk about the career bus. Jobs come and jobs go, companies merge, there are so many things that can happen.  However, if you really want it and you are passionate about what you are doing, you can make the most amazing comebacks happen in your own career.  You’ve just got to believe in yourself and outwork the competition. 

Then we’ve got the financial bus.  That’s a comeback story. When it comes to finances, they are all about having it, losing it, building, and rebuilding.  It’s a rollercoaster.  

In the health bus, what do you do when you get injured or when you are suffering from an addiction and you decide to seek recovery?  When someone decides to get serious about cleaning it up and living a cleaner life. That is an amazing comeback story. These stories are unbelievable.  

How about the old relationship comeback?  You know sometimes somebody from your previous life comes back into your life and you have a great relationship or other times your relationship doesn’t work out and you have to end it and start all over again.

You’re looking at someone who is working on their comeback right now as we speak.  I changed careers in December. I’m coming back to being the old me. Financially, if you know me I had that mansion. I had it all.  It was taken away. I’m rebuilding. It is part of the process. I’m always fighting to stay healthy as well.  

I am also looking to come back with a great relationship, because you may not know that I got divorced four years ago.  

If my life were a song, the title would be “The Comeback Kid.”  I’m having an awesome time writing my script. Stay tuned because my comeback is on its way to becoming awesome and I appreciate everything so much more this time around.

Remember, “Failure is not the end, it’s the start of your and my comeback story.”  


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