Today is Episode 96, and I feel like it’s a serious episode, as they all are, but today it’s a word that really resonates with me. Today is June 4th, 2019, so what I wanted to do is go back in time a little bit here. I wanted to go back to day number 50 when I spoke about denial. I know I’m going to be out of here in five minutes, so I am sitting here and I’m being asked to be quiet, so I will do that. On Day number 50 I spoke about denial and I’m coming back to revisit it today.

This morning I went onto YouTube during my workout, and I watched something that was pretty incredible denying. Here’s the quote, “Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts.”

So this morning I go into YouTube and I put in the word denial and a TEDx talk comes up, a woman, Deborah Lipstadt and Deborah did a TEDx talk on Holocaust denial, how could there really be anybody out there that’s denying the Holocaust? So I listened to her. It was pretty amazing. But Deborah said three things about deniers. She said there were the facts, opinions, and lies. Deniers want to take their lives, dress them up as opinions, and then they encroach on the facts. Can you believe that there are Holocaust deniers? So most people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.

There are many people that I’m close with who won’t get help, who just all so broken. They don’t see that they’re in need of help. They are in denial and we have tried everything. What is it gonna take for them to wake up? An accident? Something bad to happen? Can’t we stop that from happening? This denial thing is so strong.

So you know, let’s take a ride on my bus. You know how I do the buses? Career denial. Are you happy where you are at? I did this on day 50. Have you made a change? Have you said anything? Have you done anything to make a difference? Do you hate going to work? Why do you live like that? Stop being in denial. Your financial denial bus. Are you hurting for money? Are you in debt? Are you spending too much? Do you not have a budget? Stop denying.

For more on denial, watch today’s video in full below:

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