How are you at coping with your life?

How do you handle change?

How do you handle the unknown?

To cope with something doesn’t mean to just “getting by” or “manage”. It literally means “to deal EFFECTIVELY with something difficult.”

Healthy coping skills can be key to getting through tough times.

One of the best coping mechanism is to know the difference between an inconvenience and a problem. Sometimes, because of our own coping skills (or lack of), we create big problems in all 4 of our buses, from minor inconveniences.

Have you ever had a day that just dominoed into somethings beyond your control? By the end of it, you are left sitting, looking at the wreckage, trying to figure out what you did to deserve this?

Have you ever stopped to consider your role as the driver of those buses? Did you get distracted? Maybe you took a risky detour or shortcut. How did you COPE with the “driving environment”?

I invite you to spend some time, today, considering how you cope with the things in your life.

Take a look at your 4 buses. Finances, health, career, and relationships, how do you cope with each of these?

Often times, problems are not the problem, how we cope that is the problem.

Keep your head up, keep moving forward, and remember, if you are going through hell, keep going.

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