From the outside looking in, Tamsin Astor had a picture perfect life — a successful career, a beautiful home, and three happy, healthy children. Then, 2008 it all came crashing down.

In today’s episode, author, speaker and habits expert Tamsin Astor, talks about navigating the uncertainty and despair that ensued when her young son was diagnosed with cancer, and later the death of a close relative. Tamsin shares the healthy habits that helped her overcome some of the most painful and difficult moments of her life — and why you should stop following what people say you “should” do, and follow your own North Star instead.

Tamsin has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and psychology, and combines her Western science training with the wisdom of Eastern practices, including meditation and yoga, to help people organize their habits, create their vision and transform their mindset so they have more time for what they want and need. She helps time-strapped, overwhelmed and overcommitted high-achievers make more room in their lives for fun, while also taking care of business.


  • The power of habits and how the right habits can set you up for success.
  • Why automating habits frees us up to do more of the things we love.
  • How to change bad habits and replace them with good habits.
  • Why you need to stop “shoulding” on yourself — right now.
  • And much more…


“When we can create automation around the habits that serve us, we reduce the number of decisions we make which then gives us more time and energy for fun.” – Tamsin Astor

“We have to be willing to face our own lives. Lots of people don’t want to intimately face what they’re doing – and not doing – on a moment-to-moment basis and that’s a big part of creating a life that’s really fulfilling.” – Tamsin Astor



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