Here on the first day of a new month, many people are talking about what they are going to achieve this month. Have you thought about what goals you’re going to set for yourself this first day of April? Another way to approach this is to think about “what are we going to do differently?”  

This April, I want to encourage you to get rid of bad habits.  You can’t get to the other side of having great goals until you get rid of your bad habits.  

Take a moment to think about what it is you are going to stop doing that prevents you from achieving your goals?

Do any of these things include one, two, or all of the following?

  • Overeating
  • Smoking or Chewing
  • Using your exercise equipment as a coat hanger

It’s time to show up and be present.  Get rid of the bad habits in your life so that you can make room for the goals in your life.  We will talk about that later, but first . . .

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