For Seth Goldman, co-founder and former CEO of the global beverage company Honest Tea, and executive chairman of Beyond Meat, the road to success was never a straight shot. It was a long, circuitous path that began with a simple mission to do good.

In 1998, Seth, a graduate of Harvard University and the Yale School of Management, teamed up with his former Yale professor, Barry Nalebuff, to create a low-calorie, flavorful drink that bridged the divide between sugary soft drinks and tasteless water options. The result was Honest Tea, a fair-trade, low-calorie organic drink that’s not only good, it’s good for you.

“You gotta have something bigger to believe in,” Seth says. “If the only thing that drives you is making money, there are easier ways to make money.”

In today’s episode, Seth shares where his passion for socially-conscious causes, environmental sustainability and giving back came from; and why he’s now on a mission to tackle the world’s climate crisis, disrupt the meat industry and create a new company that will “help people connect the dots between their own personal actions and the impact those decisions have on the planet.”


  • How Seth bucked convention and transformed an entire industry.
  • Why pursuing passion and purpose can lead to profit.
  • What business leaders and innovators can learn from activists.
  • Why he stepped down from Honest Tea and what he plans for his next venture.
  • And much more…


“If there’s something in the world you care about, you need to act on it.” – Seth Goldman

“Every time you lose is an opportunity to learn. It’s not hard to lose, it’s hard to gain something from it.” – Seth Goldman



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  • They were almost uniform in their taste profile, their sweetness profile, which was six or seven teaspoons of sugar per eight ounces or none. Why isn t anybody making a drink with one or two teaspoons? says Goldman.


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