Today’s word of the day is YES.  The quote of the day is a good one to remember.  “The three most important words you can say to yourself are Yes, I Can.”  

I’m wearing my Beyond Meat shirt and hat today.  I want to talk to you about them. They didn’t just one day wake up and say, “Let’s make an alternative to meat.”  They went up against all odds. Every door that closed they kicked it open by saying, “Yes, we can!” They did it together as a team.   

You can do the same.  You can say yes to new adventures.  You can step outside your comfort zone.  You can find new things to do that challenge you.  Just say yes and you’ll figure it out afterward.  

This is one of Tina Fey’s most memorable quotes, “Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterward.”  I have found out that I have enjoyed life more when I say yes.  

What can you choose to say yes to today?

Learn more about saying yes in today’s video:

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