As COVID-19 plays out around the planet, it’s easy to imagine the worst. After all, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, and the stakes are high. But what do you think is worse: the coronavirus itself or the panic that has gripped the world? It’s hard to say. One thing is certain, though, your mind can be your most powerful ally or your worst enemy. It can be a friend that builds you up or a gremlin that tears you down. And nobody knows this better than Rick Carson.

As the creator and author of Taming Your Gremlin, Carson has created a worldwide movement that helps empower people to take control of their lives by taking control of their thoughts. His Taming The Gremlin Method is a simple prescription for living a healthy, happy and productive life.

In today’s episode, Rick describes how to tame the voices and thoughts in your head that keep you from living your best life and reaching your full potential.


  • What gremlins are and how they create anxiety and upset.
  • Why self ‘awareness’ is so important to taming the gremlins in your mind.
  • How to recognize when the gremlins rear their ugly heads.
  • The 5 poisons that set off the gremlins.
  • And much, much more…


“Your gremlin is not your negative thoughts and it’s not your fears. Your gremlin is more powerful than that. Your gremlin is the one who uses those things and negative past experiences to formulate a horror movie, and then to sell you a ticket to the movie, usher you into your seat, sit there and watch the movie with you and attempt to convince you that the longer you sit there and watch it, you’ll eventually get to a place of peace. It’s a lie” – Rick Carson

“When you become aware, in the moment, that you’re jabbing your own thumb in your own eye as you’re doing it, (you can) correct it. – Rick Carson



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