Rami Odeh wasn’t a good runner. He wasn’t a good swimmer. In fact, as a kid, he wasn’t athletic at all. But over time, Rami’s ambitions grew and, with drive and determination, he went from barely being able to run around the block to running 100-mile races and competing in Ironman triathlons. How did he do that?

“I don’t think about running 100 miles,” he says. “I think about running from aid station to aid station.”

In today’s episode, author, speaker, coach and ultra-endurance athlete Rami Odeh talks about how our biggest moments of personal growth occur when we are able to transcend discomfort and difficulty. He talks about how to set, and reach, “big hairy audacious goals”, and why it’s crucial to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Rami has dual master’s degrees in industrial psychology and exercise physiology, and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a health and fitness specialist.

As an amateur triathlete, obstacle course racer, and trail runner, Rami has completed over 300 running races, obstacle courses, and multi-sport events — including Ironman Florida in 1999, multiple 1/2 Ironman events and multiple on-and-off-road marathons — since 1992.


  • The power of breaking down big goals into smaller, attainable goals.
  • Why our biggest periods of growth occur when the challenges are toughest.
  • The habits you must cultivate in order to reach your big, audacious goals.
  • Why it’s important to disconnect from technology and social media on a daily basis.
  • How to create and cultivate a strong network of support of like-minded people.
  • And much more…


“A lot of people wait until everything is perfect before moving forward. I like the term, ‘Ready, Fire, Aim.’ Just get out there and do it. It’s the only way to learn.” – Rami Odeh

“Get into the habit of saying yes to opportunities that are going to stretch you — no matter what.” – Rami Odeh



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