Assume is the word of the day.  “Never assume the obvious is true.”  When you assume you make an ass of you and me.  

If you follow me you know that I went up to New York City Field to watch The Dead & Company in concert.  My friend Chops is always the organizer and the king of logistics. He’s always got your back. I needed tickets and we spoke but I never said: “get me tickets”.  We just made plans to meet and spend the day. Anyhow, after we get there around 15 minutes prior to the time to go in, I look at him and say, “Can I have my tickets?”  He says to me, “You’re kidding right?”  

The truth was I had assumed that he had the tickets, but the fact was I had not clearly communicated I wanted him to get me tickets.  Fortunately, I have a brilliant son and access to technology and we were able to get tickets.

Never assume things have to continue to be the way they are.  How bad do you want it?

Watch today’s video to learn what I recommend doing rather than assuming: 

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