Today’s word of the day is return.  The quote of the day is “Do it because it’s in your heart not because you want something in return.”  

Let’s think about this so many people are misguided and they are doing things, not for the right reasons, but they are doing it because they want something in return.  You should do things because you want to and because you want to help and serve others.

Another quote reminds us “If you feel lost return to yourself who you are here and now.”  

How many people say, “I need a change.  I need to go and find myself.” Most of the time you go, it’s great, you create great memories, but you find yourself right here where you are. You find yourself returning home. You have to get comfortable with who you are.  

Think about online returns a minute.  The word return can mean so many things.  I order something online, it comes in, I don’t like it so I have the opportunity to return it.  So many times, I like many others put the item back in the box and it sits in a corner or rides around in my vehicle and I delay returning it.  What is wrong with me? Why aren’t I returning it? That’s kind of how we treat our lives. We have to be willing to return.

A quote that I love says, “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.”  How do we do that? You do that with tenacity, toughness, you have to be resilient and take on a leadership role.  You’ve got to focus and most importantly you have to take on the challenge. You have to go beyond to return and succeed.  

It’s Good to Return Home

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