The definition of wonder is a desire or to be curious to know something…

Little kids, especially under six, spend a lot of time in a natural state of wonder.  Their brains are learning, growing. and processing the world around them. They are constantly wondering about things. How they taste, feel like, smell like. Spend any amount of time with a child and they will prove that we as humans, are truly born with open-ended curiosity.

As we get older, we tend to lose some of our natural wonder-lust. We stop caring. We stop thinking about it. We feel like we KNOW life and therefore, don’t feel like we need to stay in that constant state of child-like wonder, as we get older. At some point we tend to just stop talking out loud about the things we wonder about…

Worst yet, as an adult with more experience in the world, it is easier to slip into a state of NEGATIVE wonder. How many times do you find yourself stuck wondering about what might have been? Wondering about where you may be in life now, if only you had done XYZ…

The truth is we all have “what if’s” and “if onlys” in our careers, our relationships, finances, and our health. It is your choice to stay focused on the POSITIVE wonder and all the possibilities for your life. 

I try to make it a point to be in a state of positive wonder. I do this by asking myself…

  • I wonder what I can learn today? 
  • I wonder how I can get more done in less time?
  • I wonder what I could do today that would allow for a breakthrough in my life?”

Don’t confuse wonder with what-if’s or “if only”.

Staying in a state of wonder does not mean you STAY STUCK WONDERING.

Keep moving forward. Howie Do Anything Is Howie Do Everything…


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