These are strange times. Each day feels like a week, and each week feels like a month. And while it can all feel daunting at times, it’s also an opportunity to take stock of your life and make important changes, and support others who want to do the same. If we’re going to get through these times successfully, we must support each other emotionally, physically and spiritually as much as we can.

In today’s episode, I catch up with Brenda on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing as the world navigates a pandemic, enforced quarantines and a whole lot of craziness that can feel totally surreal. We talked about why we should all hit the “pause button” in our lives from time to time, why 24-hour news cycles are toxic to our health and wellness, and why I decided to stop worrying about my life and start living my passion.


  • What it felt like to be back in NYC as the city was going into lockdown mode.
  • The moment I decided to shift my mindset and pursue my passion.
  • How being intentional about where you spend your time and energy sets you up for success.
  • Why you should never let a crisis go to waste.
  • And much, much more…


“Is it happening to you, or is it happening for you? There are things you can control and things that are out of your control. Learn the difference between the two.” – Howie Kra

“I can not control the weather. I can worry about the weather. but I can’t control the weather. And we do so much to ourselves to increase the anxiety we feel, especially when we try to control things we can’t control.” – Howie Kra



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