Like I always say, gratitude is so important and I am grateful for you. I like to use Fridays to reflect on what I accomplished and what I learned for the week. I am also grateful for the week that has passed and the new week ahead.

When I wake up with an ounce of gratitude, a smile, or do a happy gesture it makes for a much better day.

Below are a few quotes from the Grateful Dead that are inspiring me today:

“Without love and the dream, it will never come true.”

“We all have different dreams and they enter reality with the same technique – LOVE” If you want love, you got to have it in the dream

“Remember that the only time is now and too often we dwell in the past and worry about the future. Live in the moment and act on the power of the present. Be in the power of the present.”


Today, I want you to practice being present and grateful.

Gratitude is riches complaint is poverty

Stop dwelling on the negatives.

What are you grateful for this week?
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