About Howie Kra

Howie Kra is a highly energetic and dynamic health coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker known, not only for his resiliency and daily mindset practices, but also for driving his clients to true life-long transformation.

Years ago, I was in a bus accident that shattered my leg. The doctors told me the likelihood of ever walking – let alone running – was almost zero. That day, I vowed that if I ever walked again, nothing would stop me from living a full and prosperous life.

Today, nearly 50 yrs later, I’m a marathon runner, a Triathlete, certified health coach and founder of HowieDoinIt, a media + training company dedicated to helping professionals crush it in life and business.

I’ve made it my mission to help people get in the best shape of their lives because I know a great life starts with great health. Whether you’re a high performing executive, a busy entrepreneur, or a stressed out parent, your health is everything. A healthy body and a healthy mind lead to a happy and successful life.


If who you are on the outside does not match who you are on the inside…

If you’ve gained weight, feel bloated or lack energy despite having a full night’s sleep…

If you hate posing for pictures or wearing a bathing suit or can’t button your favorite jeans anymore…

If you’re tired of turning down opportunities or invites to events because you hate the way your body looks and feels…

If a busy, stressful life keeps you from looking and feeling your best…



It’s simple: Consistent, proven results.

Research shows that people who try to go it alone when trying to reach a personal health goal ultimately fail because they lack the strategies, accountability and community to be successful. Being a lone wolf is not a good strategy, especially when it comes to physical performance. That’s why even the most gifted athletes have coaches.

If you’re like most high-performers, you set ambitious goals for yourself every year. Most of the times you hit the mark, but sometimes your plans get derailed.

What would happen if you kept the promises you made to yourself to get healthier, lose weight, make more money and make this your best year yet? How would that make you feel? If the answer to that question feels so out of reach right now you can’t even envision it, you’re in the right place.

Howie’s the coach you never knew you needed, but always wish you had.

He works with busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to feel good about themselves and their bodies — and teach others how to do the same — by shedding unwanted pounds and skyrocketing their confidence and energy.

Howie also excels in growing sales across product lines, exploring new business development opportunities, and encouraging excellent sales based on the establishment of authentic relationships.

Through his extensive professional and personal experience, which ranges from start-up companies to private investment firms, Howie provides thought leadership and subject matter expertise across a wide variety of industries.

Howie is known for his spirit of resilience and his consistent ability to navigate challenges (including being run over by a bus), connect with customers, and consistently exceed business goals and quotas.

For decades, Howie was one of Wall Streets leading wealth management producers at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley. This experience included being named a Chairman’s Club member every year, which represents the top one percent of the industry.

As Founder of KraConsults, he created and served as managing director of an investment firm that provided private financing for early stage start-ups as well as cash-flowing real estate opportunities.

Howie Kra holds a BA in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of Maryland.