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Your Network Is Your Net-Worth

“Your NETWORK is your NET-WORTH.” What is a network? Why is it important to cultivate your connections? Better yet… HOW do you cultivate, strengthen, and grow your connections? Who doesn’t…
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We Will Never Forget

  We will never forget the events of September 11th, 2011. It is important that we take a moment to remember the lives that were taken and the heroes who…
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be proud

Proud Moments

Today’s word of the day is Proud.  I am so proud of my two daughters. We just had an amazing few days together relocating them to Denver and Boulder.  They…
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be real

Be Real

The word of the day is Real.  In light of what’s gone on in our country the past few days, shootings in several areas of the country,  I have been…
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Today’s word is a big word.  The biggest word in the dictionary, but it’s only two letters.  The word of the day is If.   This word is so small, but…
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Be relentless

Be Relentless

Today’s word is relentless. Yesterday I talked about comeback and I had amazing feedback. And in order to have a great comeback, you need to be relentless. Here’s the quote,…
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The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid

Today’s word of the day is Comeback.  Last week was really a great week. We had words like Yes, Impatience, and Extraordinary.   Here’s today’s quote, “The comeback is always stronger…
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say yes

Say Yes

Today’s word of the day is YES.  The quote of the day is a good one to remember.  “The three most important words you can say to yourself are Yes,…
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What are you passionate about?

What Are You Passionate About?

Today is Grateful Friday. Fridays here on HowieDoinIt are special. Lately, we’ve been adding a word of the day to Grateful Friday. Today’s word is Energy. People tell me that…
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Experiencing Joy

Experience Joy

In this video, I am live from the beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel. It has been an amazing trip. It has been beyond. The word of the day is joy.…
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passionately curious

Passionately Curious

Today I am at the Dead Sea, right outside Jerusalem.  I am traveling with a group, and we have been getting to know each other. So together we decided that…
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